CPAP Comfort

CPAP Accessories Make All the Difference!

At ApriaDirect, we offer a wide variety of CPAP pillows and CPAP accessories designed to help make CPAP equipment more comfortable when in use. Discomfort while sleeping is one of the most common reasons patients are non-compliant with their CPAP therapy or give up on it all together.

To this end, ApriaDirect has developed the following CPAP Patient Checklist to help patients achieve the greatest possible comfort while using sleep apnea equipment. This list of accessories will be particularly useful for new CPAP users as they grow accustomed to sleeping with their CPAP therapy.

  1. CPAP Pillow – These pillows come in different styles and shapes and are designed to comfortably accommodate your CPAP equipment while sleeping.
  2. Hose Management System – Helps keep you from rolling over your CPAP hose while sleeping.
  3. Hose Condensation Cover – Hypoallergenic covers decrease CPAP hose condensation, make the hose less uncomfortable and intrusive in your bed, and makes the machine look less clinical.
  4. SnuggleStraps – These soft fleece strap covers prevent red marks on your face from CPAP mask straps and decrease strap irritation.
  5. CPAP Moisture Cream – Specially formulated moisture therapy creams help eliminate the dry skin problems that CPAP masks can cause from direct contact with the face.
  6. CPAP Cleaning Supplies – Keep your mask and tubing clean with convenient sprays and wipes.
  7. CPAP Battery Packs – Perfect for traveling with your CPAP machine, as well as using your CPAP equipment during power outages.

The following featured CPAP products represent a small portion of our catalogue. You can access all our various products and CPAP accessories with the links in the navigation bar on the left or by using the search box.

Contour CPAP Bundle

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  • Bundle & save!
  • Includes Contour CPAP Pillow, Hose Buddy, Pillow Case & Hose Cover

CPAP Battery Pack

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  • Great for camping and airline travel!
  • Get a great night’s sleep, even during power outages.


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  • Soft fleece covers for your CPAP mask straps
  • Prevent those annoying red marks on your face!

Contour CPAP Pillow

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  • Unique pressure free zones reduce mask shifting and leaks.
  • Sleep comfortably all night with any CPAP mask!

Apria CPAP Pillow

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  • Zero interference zones don’t interfere with the mask or tubing.

Hose Buddy

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  • Tangle-free CPAP hose management system.
  • Prevents you from rolling over the hose at night.

SnuggleHose 6′ Hose Cover

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  • Soft fleece condensation cover for standard 6′ CPAP hoses.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

CPAP Moisture Therapy

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  • Petroleum free.
  • Specifically for CPAP users – where the mask meets the skin.

CPAP Mask Cleaner Wipes

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  • 62 count cannister
  • Removes dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue from your mask