Oxygen Accessories

ApriaDirect.com offers a large selection of oxygen accessories designed to help make oxygen therapy a little more convenient. This includes a complete line of bags and backpacks for your portable oxygen system, the necessary CPAP accessories to integrate Oxygen therapy while you sleep, and nasal moisturizers to assist in healing dry skin associated with cannula and mask use.

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For your convenience, ApriaDirect carries high quality oxygen accessories from major manufacturers including Drive Medical, Cramer Decker Medical, Captive Technologies, and others, as well as other important health accessories like blood pressure monitors.

Below is just a small sample of our oxygen convenience products. You can find additional products for your oxygen and health needs by using the links on the left side of the page or our search box.

You can click on each of the above images if you want more information about the specific product or category. This is also the best way to get more information about the product or brand. Each picture leads to the listing for those products, which includes manufacturer specifications as well as ordering and delivery information.

If you’re unsure about the best way to bring your oxygen with you or cure your dry facial skin, check out a few of our top-of-the-line offerings and see what you can learn. This is especially important so you can find all the various CPAP accessories like moisturizers and nose guards that are necessary to enjoy a restful night’s sleep when using CPAP.

If the product in the category you want isn’t showing, check the subcategories to the left. This is where you’ll find all the oxygen accessories, blood pressure monitors, and other top-of-the-line healthcare products we conveniently offer. And as always, you are welcome to contact us at ApriaDirect.com with any questions.


Apria M6 TankTote

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  • Individual padded cylinder pockets securely hold 4, 6, or even 8 M6 cylinders.
  • The pocket bottoms are pvc lined for extra durability.

Busy Breathers O2 Backpack

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  • Provides patients of all ages with a practical solution for the challenges of carrying oxygen along with other necessities of life.

StationMaster O2 Distribution

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  • Provides up to four (4) separate stations from which to draw oxygen from a single O2 source – works with liquid oxygen and concentrators.

RoEzIt Dermal Care

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  • Petroleum free!
  • Lubricates the facial area, as well as over the ear where friction from tubing may cause discomfort.

Helios Portable O2 Carrier

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  • This side carrier bag is the perfect companion for your small Helios portable oxygen system.

O2 Talon Tubing Separator

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  • Easily separate an oxygen hose or cannulae from the oxygen outlet barb of an oxygen system.
  • Ideal for patients with limited hand strength.

Oxygen Cylinder Backpack

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  • For M6 / M9 cylinders or MD cylinders.
  • Enables a patient to be quite active while still being mobile with their oxygen supply system.

O2 Sidekick Roller Bag

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  • Accommodates M2, M4, M6, M7, ML6, M9, MD, MJD & ME cylinders
  • Use as a roller bag, backpack, or shoulder bag

The Bellhop O2 Carrier Bag

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  • Two fully adjustable padded straps let you configure it instantly to four popular carry modes.
  • Lightweight universal oxygen cylinder carrier.