Apria CPAP Bundle

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Apria CPAP Bundle

Everything you need to make the treatment of Sleep Apnea & other sleep ailments more comfortable with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine.

*Please note that this bundle will be shipped from three separate locations & you will receive three tracking numbers.


·      Apria CPAP Pillow: Patented design visco-elastic memory foam pillow with quilted cover, specifically addresses the challenges of CPAP use.  Left & right zero-interference zones don’t interfere with the mask or tubing.

·      CPAP Hose Cover: Reduces condensation and rain-out associated with CPAP and BiPAP machine. Promotes warmer and less clinical feel to CPAP mask hose

·      Hose Buddy: fits between your mattress and box spring to lift your CPAP hose above you while you sleep. The arm swivels back and forth as you turn, keeping you from rolling over on the hose or having to wake up and make adjustments during the night.