M6 / M9 / ME Deluxe Wheel Chair Oxygen Cylinder Bag

Part#: CD1014-SD / Mfg: Cramer Decker
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This super deluxe cylinder oxygen bag uses the wheel chair to support and carry your M6, M9, or ME cylinder along with all of you oxygen equipment, and more.



·      Four durable, adjustable straps secure the bag to the wheel chair handles and seat braces.

·      This tightly secures the bag and prevents it from moving side to side as your chair moves along.

·      The bag employs an adjustable, heavily padded shoulder strap to reduce stress from the weight of the cylinder.

·      Several grommet holes in the top of the bag allow the use of many different oxygen systems. The cannula exits the bag through one of these small grommets, travels over the patient's shoulder, and rests comfortably over the patient's ears.

·      A clear plastic zippered window allows a patient’s companion to view the gauge contents of the cylinder without removing the cylinder from the bag.

·      The bag folds to support smaller or larger cylinders.


·      This bag is constructed of washable, heavy-duty denier, has large easy-grab zipper pulls, an embroidered carrying handle for easy pick up, and a large external zippered pocket.


·      An additional large gusset pocket is located on the bottom of the bag to store personal belongings.