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Sleep Comfortable with a CPAP Pillow

CPAP equipment is supposed to help you get more restful sleep, but you can only do that if the gear makes you more comfortable while you sleep. A CPAP pillow can help you get the right head and neck positioning and situate your face mask to maximize comfort so you can sleep through the night and wake up rested. Portable CPAP battery packs and carrying cases will help you bring your equipment with you on the road so you can maintain this comfort and restfulness anywhere. 

The following selection of CPAP pillows is just a small portion of our CPAP products. After finding the right pillow for your most common sleeping position below, you can find any other CPAP accessories you need using the links on the left or our search bar. 

Most people need better pillows, not just those who use CPAP equipment to improve their breathing while sleeping. Proper neck and spine alignment, as well as shoulder support, are often ignored, yet they contribute to discomfort while sleeping and can increase strain and soreness in the neck and shoulders throughout the day. A CPAP make can exacerbate these problems with a conventional pillow. And when it pushes against a regular pillow, the mask can even cause uneven pressure that produces sores and bruising on the face. 

The CPAP pillow comes in several designs, including those specifically for people who sleep on their back, on their side, or who move around a lot in their sleep. The dedicated space for the mask supports it and keeps it comfortably in place on the face, prevents leaks, allows space for the air hose, and makes it easy to find the most comfortable position possible. If you have any questions about CPAP pillows, you can contact us or speak to your sleep expert to learn more.